Welcome to SantaFeLiving.com, your online guide to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Santa Fe, the oldest capital city in the US, is known for its breathtaking views, wonderful people, art, skiing, great food, and especially shopping! However, the architecture of Santa Fe is equally grand. Santa Fe homes, public buildings and churches are magnificent examples of Southwestern architecture. Santa Fe hiking, biking, and camping is also spectacular, as we are surrounded by more than a million acres of National Forest and public land.

Did you know:

According to Santa Fe's premier newspaper, The Santa Fe New Mexican, there are:

110 Santa Fe Acupuncturists

42 Santa Fe Aestheticians (facial artists)

1 Santa Fe Airport

200 Santa Fe Art Galleries

38 Santa Fe Hair Salons

1 Santa Fe Bowling Alley

50 Santa Fe Churches

Over 60,000 Santa Fe Residents in the city

401 Santa Fe Cosmetologists

105,178 Santa Fe Residents in the county (1990 census)

82 Santa Fe Dentists

1 Santa Fe Escalator

6  Santa Fe Funeral Practitioners

1  Santa Fe Ice skating rink

15  Santa Fe Lakes (within 60 miles)

49 Santa Fe Manicure-pedicurists

800 Santa Fe Massage therapists

6 Santa Fe Podiatrists

57 Santa Fe Psychologists

27  Santa Fe Parks

77 Santa Fe Real-estate appraisers

550 Santa Fe Retail establishments

200 Santa Fe Restaurants

Countless Santa Fe Realtors and Santa Fe Real Estate Agents, Buyers Agents, and Brokers


 Santa Fe State Song: O, Fair New Mexico

 Santa Fe State Ballad: The Land of Enchantment

 Santa Fe State Flower: Yucca

 Santa Fe State Tree: Pinion (pinus edulis)

 Santa Fe State Grass: Blue grama

 Santa Fe State Bird: Chaparral Bird

 Santa Fe State Fish: New Mexico cutthroat trout

 Santa Fe State Animal: Smokey Bear!

 Santa Fe State Vegetables: Chile

 Santa Fe State Gem: Turquoise (what else?)

 Santa Fe State Fossil: Rioarribasuarus

 Santa Fe State Insect: Tarantula hawk

 Santa Fe State Slogan: "Everybody is somebody in New Mexico"

 Santa Fe State Cookie: Bizcochito

 Santa Fe State Poem: A Nuevo Mexico

 Santa Fe State Question: "Red or green?"

 Santa Fe State Nickname: "Land of Enchantment"